Welcome to My Roll

And so, my website is done. Looking at it, it may seem I am everywhere as a writer. I have written Romance, non-fiction, plays, and now, a blog. I suppose I cannot be pegged as any one kind of writer. Is that a good thing, or is it a bad thing? I don’t know.

I am a writer with ADHD (and dyslexia), so I get bored easily. I am always looking for the difference, for something that will stimulate me and not hold me in one place. That’s probably not the best thing to admit to agents who may be reading this. They may prefer a writer with a dedication to one genre or another. Then again, my admittance to the different directions I have gone may show flexibility and a willingness to branch out. I’m not sure.  I do know that I follow my purpose, which may change more quickly than others.

I’ve held a number of different jobs since I was fifteen. I used to be embarrassed by the amount. Now, I look at each one as feeding the fodder in my writer’s life. And writing, along with motherhood, has always been my steadfast in whatever form. My brain may have switched writing gears to satisfy my never-ending quest for different, for more, for what else is there, yet the machine within this brain never stopped moving.

My neurodivergent brain wasn’t the only reason I have written different genres. My life’s circumstances played a huge part. I’m not going to go into the detailed history of my writing journey – where it started, how it morphed into Romance, then to non-fiction, and now plays. I will say the sudden death of my husband in 2019 changed me in so many ways. The core of me, my writing self, changed the most. You can’t ever be the same when the most important person in your life is one day gone from it. And so, with my romance muse dead but my writing still in me as it always has been, I wrote a one-and-done book of essays on widowhood. After that, I found playwriting cathartic and a necessary chink in my writing chain. My life experiences play out with every character I give a voice to, every theme I develop, and every setting I set. Right now, I need that. Right now, the writer in me, perhaps the ADHD one, is saying, “do this.” And so, I’m following.

I don’t know if I will get back to Romance writing. I hope so. I remember the joy in it. It seems now, though, when I sit down to write it, I’m pulled away by an idea better suited for a play.  I don’t fight it as then I am not allowing the writing to happen organically. I am forcing it and the words read as if they have been dragged out of me.  I have always felt the rush from writing voices, whether in Romance or playwriting. Dialogue is a constant presence in my writing spirit. The genres may change, but the voices remain.

So, while this website may seem chaotic with all the different genres I write, I do have a purpose, and I trust where I’m led. What does it mean for this blog? I’m still determining that. All I know is I will let the writer inside me decide…the one with my ADHD. If anything, it will be interesting. Welcome to how I roll.


Peace in you nows.

Welcome to my blog!

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